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Autumn Term

Welcome back Year Three!


We are so excited to be back in Class Three!

Miss Ablett worked with this lovely class when they were in year 1 and when she was a trainee teacher. She is really excited to see how grown up they are now. We are all looking forward to an exciting year ahead. Please keep checking our web page as we will try and keep you updated with everything we get up to. 

We are scientists!

Our topic this term is called 'We are Scientists!' We have got lots of exciting experiments planned for this term. We also have a science lab role play area that we can use during choosing time. It is already a big hit with Class Three.

Reading in Class Three 


In Class Three we currently have two reading areas. We have a Harry Potter sorting hat in the classroom and also a Stig of the Dump den outside our classroom that we share with class four. We are really enjoying reading in these areas already and look forward to seeing what they turn into over the year. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Column addition 


In Maths we are currently looking at 3 digit numbers, partitioning and column addition and subtraction. Class Three have worked so hard on this and have really impressed Miss Ablett! They have shown great skill when working together and also through their teaching to the other children. Well done Class Three. 



On Tuesday the 19th of September Class Three transformed into crime scene investigators for the day! It was an amazing day and we really got a taste of what it is like being a forensic scientist. We learnt how to look for evidence and how to collect it, this included dusting for fingerprints and using a UV light to reveal secret messages. Class Three had a fantastic day and worked really hard to solve the crime. The best bit was probably dressing up in our white suits, even the teachers got involved too! What a fantastic day we had. 



To inspire our descriptive writing we got to put our hands in some slime. We were not sure what it was made from or what it was but it felt a bit weird. We were so excited to feel the slime that the work we came up with was really imaginative. We thought of exciting adjectives and adverbs that we could use. Together we decided maybe it was troll snot?!

Our new visitors


We have new visitors to class 3. We are looking after the Year 6 Guinea Pigs, Coco and Chanel. We are loving taking care of them and feeding them different varieties of fruit and vegetables. 

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Picture 3

Musical Mondays


We are learning how to compose, write and play a graphic score. This has been really tricky but we have done an amazing job and our team work has been fantastic.

Column subtraction


We have been working so hard on our column subtraction work. It has been tricky but we have really persevered and are staring to get our heads round it. 

Skeletons & Juice Bike


Class 3 have started a new section of their 'We are Scientists' looking at the skeleton and health and nutrition. We have been talking a lot about the skeleton and the names of our bones, also looking at where they are in the body and what their job is.

To link with this we are also looking at ways to keep healthy. We were very lucky to have the juice bike in school. We chopped and prepared fruit to then make our own smoothie.

It was great!

Number week


This week we have been looking at numbers! We have been using numbers in lots of different ways; making card games, using origami skills to make timetable chatterboxes, designing wanted posters, all sorts! This really helped us to revise our knowledge of numbers but also gave us an opportunity to develop our team work skills.  

Class Three's Got Talent!


To celebrate all the talent in Class Three we decided to put on our own talent show. It was amazing! We had lots of different acts including joke telling, singing and dancing, and puppet shows. We also had a panel of judges and a super supportive audience. It was a great afternoon and Miss Ablett was so proud of everyone for being sensible and for every one who took part, it took a lot of confidence and this was clear to see. Well done Class Three, you are all stars! 


During our health and nutrition topic we have been lucky enough to have a go at some yoga. We worked in pairs to practice the different positions. This took lots of control and skill. Everyone worked so hard, especially on the tricky positions and the team work was excellent. Hopefully Class Three will share what they have learnt with others at home, and show off their new skills! 

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