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Autumn Term


Greek Pots & Urns


Class 4 have recently made their own Greek style pots and urns from clay, and painted them.

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Cooking Pitta Bread


Miss Barker and Class 4 recently made some delicious pitta bread!



Class 4 Maths


In maths we have looked at column addition and subtraction of numbers up to 1000. The class worked so hard on this and really impressed Miss Barker! They have shown great teamwork when working together and also through their teaching to other members of the class.

The class also looked at capacity and had to complete experiments, such as seeing how much water they can retain by transferring it with a sponge. The children had to record to the nearest 10 their measurement after every squeeze of water and they created a line graph to show this. Children demonstrated their understanding of column addition as they added up the total amount of liquid they collected after each transfer of water.

Year four then became cocktail makers! They completed a problem solving activity to work out how many different cocktail combinations they could make to total 20, 200 or 2000ml. Following this, children worked out the total cost of each cocktail and then made them by choosing the right measuring equipment and reading the scales accurately. They were delicious!

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