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Autumn Term



Class 6 recently visited Danby National Park in the North Yorkshire Moors.  Here they took part in a river investigation in a small tributary of the river Esk. They went on to use their mapping skills around the grounds of the park. 

Stem Science at Goole Academy


Year 6 were invited to a science taster session at Goole Academy prior to its open evening. They became engineers for the day where they had to design, make and test a bridge made out of paper, sellotape and straws. The bridge had to span 40 cm and withhold the weight of certain objects. As Forensic Scientists they used ethanol to extract DNA from the skin of an onion wearing the appropriate clothing. In the kitchen they made couscous with salad and vegetables which they brought back to school.

Bridge building

Bridge building 1
Bridge building 2
Bridge building 3
Bridge building 4
Bridge building 5
Bridge building 6

Forensic Scientists

Forensic Scientists 1
Forensic Scientists 2
Forensic Scientists 3
Forensic Scientists 4
Forensic Scientists 5
Forensic Scientists 6

Food Technology - Mmmm.... Tea!

Food Technology - Mmmm....  Tea! 1
Food Technology - Mmmm....  Tea! 2
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