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Autumn Term

Class 3 Topic Booklet & Letters

A warm welcome to Class Three 

I am so excited to start this new year with 33 new class mates! We have so many things planned and I am really looking forward to watching you all grow.

To kick start our year we are focusing on the topic 'Dream Big'. This is going to cover lots of different little topics, looking at people who have had 'big dreams' in history and people that have changed the world. We are also going to look at how we can make our world a better place, looking at recycling and the environment. Hopefully Class Three are going to share their dreams and inspire each other. 


To start our new topic of Dreams we were very lucky to have a drama company come and work with us for the day. We created our own dreamworld where we made individual characters and places and built stories around them. We absolutely loved this and came up with lots of imaginative ideas. It ignited our creativity and helped us to feel confident as Class Threes very quickly! We are planning to use what we did during the day to help us with our work. 


For our first project in P.E we have been learning how to play Dodgeball. It has been so much fun and Class Three have quickly got to grips with the rules and are playing fantastically. During the Spring Term a group of Year Three children will go and represent Hook in a Dodgeball tournament. Miss Ablett is dreading having to choose the team as it could be anyone! 

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This term our topic has led us to investigate recycling and how we recycle in school. We read a book about a sea turtle called Duffy who accidentally ate some plastic that was in the sea. This made us realise the damage that not recycling can do. To explore this more we decided to make our own models out of recycled materials. We planned them and thought carefully about what we needed to use to make them. Over the half term holidays we then made them. I think you will agree they are amazing! Miss Ablett would like to say a special thanks to Class Three for taking their time to do this over the holidays!

Remember remember the 5th of November

To celebrate Bonfire Night we wrote our own firework poems. We looked at different words that suited this style of poem and made it more exciting. To get the best poem possible we worked in pairs, this collaboration of ideas meant that the work was fantastic! The aim for the poems was to present them to the class, everyone did an amazing job, especially the reluctant readers who may have found it a really big challenge to read in front of their peers. Miss Ablett was so proud of every single member of Class Three! 


In Class Three we have been working really hard on our gymnastic skills. We have been lucky enough to work with Mr Butterworth who is a fantastic teacher. He is helping Miss Ablett to feel more confident when teaching gymnastics and the class have made that so easy as they are amazing! The skills that have been shown are way beyond what is expected in year three and the mature attitude has meant that more exciting lessons have taken place. Miss Ablett and Mr Butterworth cannot wait to see how far the children can go in developing their skills. Well done Class Three, you flexible lot! 


Christmas in Class Three! 


We had so much fun in Class Three over Christmas. Our highlights were definitely the play and Christmas Dinner day. We really enjoyed performing as robins and will look you agree that we looked very cute and fluffy! Every performance was a great success and Miss Ablett was very proud. 


We also celebrated in Class Three by having a lovely dinner, followed by a party with Class Four. We played lots of games and had a great time!


Merry Christmas everyone! 

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