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Autumn Term 2



In Class Three we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We knew lots about shapes already but have found out even more through investigation and hands on activities. We have built with shapes, made our own shapes, drawn shapes, and used junk shapes to create 3D models. We have had lots of fun doing this. 

Magnet investigation

This week we have been looking at all things magnetic! We have been looking at different types of magnets and their different poles. We now know about the North and South poles and what parts of a magnet attract and what parts repel. We also know about the types of things that are attracted to magnets, like most metal objects, but not all of them! In groups we looked at how magnets work through water. We enjoyed trying to collect all the paper clips with the magnet, it was tricky but really fun!  


Magnetic Slime!


Miss Ablett finally got to achieve her dream this week, with the help of Imogen, and made magnetic slime! Imogen made the slime and Miss Ablett applied some magic (iron fillings!). It was amazing! We went to show all the different classes in school and they were all as impressed as we were. We loved how the slime moved across the table with the magnets, it looked like it was alive! 



To learn about forces we started by looking at gravity. We did research on Isaac Newton and found out exciting facts about him. When we were researching we discovered that sometimes different sources of information showed varying results, so we discussed how to decide what is a reliable source. We also drew pictures of Isaac Newton and used our shading skills to colour them in. 

To look at gravity in action we made our own parachutes and tested them out. This was great fun! 


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Picture 2



After looking at shapes we have now moved on to looking at angles. To start off this new topic we have done lots of different practical activities to look at the types of angles. We have looked at right angles and made right angle finders, we also learnt how to show where a right angle is with a square. Angles that are bigger than a right angle are called obtuse angles and smaller than a right angle are acute. We discussed different ways to help us remember these special names. 

Children in Need


On the 17th of November we dressed up in our pyjamas to raise money for Children in Need. We had a fantastic day and raised lots of money to help children who are less fortunate than us. 

Picture 1

Christmas comes early in Class Three!


This year Miss Ablett thought it would be nice for Class Three to make their own advent calendar which they can take up through school with them. Everyone painted a little bit of the calendar and it looks absolutely amazing, all ready for December the 1st. Also, this is just a little warning that Miss Ablett LOVES christmas so get ready! 

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