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Class Page Archive 2013-2014


We would love to share our theme of 'Journeys' with you. Come take a train ride with us to see some of the things class 6 have been experiencing this term.



  Using the apparatus we extended learning from other areas of the     curriculum linked to the theme of 'Journeys'. We loved the apparatus!




            We incorporated mirroring, matching and contrasting shapes.





     ... then evaluated each others sequences.

 MP visits year 6


Andrew Percy, MP for Brigg and Goole, visited year 6 pupils to talk about the roles and responsibilities of being an MP. He offered advice regarding democratic decision making.




Friction Experiment



 Using the indoor and outdoor environment to investigate friction.





What impact did changing the gradient have? That was the second part of the investigation!

Science Investigation

In deep discussion regarding our investigation relating to rusting.

Recycling Materials



After investigating which materials would rust in different conditions, we then turned our attention to using and recycling materials to make an item of clothing.








Amy designed and made her own dress from recycled materials - plastic    bags, wool, newspaper and gaffer tape were used.




Olivia used a hula hoop, bin bag, white plastic carrier bags, a bun case and a flower from an old headband. She attached a string of pom poms to the bottom as a finishing touch.

A Recount of our Journey by Steam Train

Celebrating work using displays.


Let's Write

Using significant poets to work on an extended verse of the poem 'Night Mail', identifying style and content.


We travelled to Pickering where we boarded the steam train to Goathland. What an experience!



Pickering Station

               Parents and Grandparents also enjoyed the experience.



Goathland Station

There she blows!


What a view!

Now for the long haul across the Moors!

Abstract Art

Using recycled materials the children created a sculpture on the theme of 'Journeys', trying to incorporate different experiences they have had this term.

Working Together

The children worked on this as a team.

The Final Piece!

We loved working on this and are delighted with the final piece.

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