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Summer Term

Data Collection & Graphs


In Class Three we have been looking at collecting data and creating graphs. To start us off we worked as a whole class to come up with a graph that showed our foot length! This teamwork then meant then when we came to do work in our books we already had a really good understanding of how a graph works and how it should be set out.

When we came back after the holidays we were so excited about our new topic ‘Beside the sea’. We have new areas in our classroom including the ‘Lighthouse Keepers’ cottage writing area, the Lighthouse reading area and a rock pool sensory table. We absolutely LOVE the sensory table and exploring the different things Miss Ablett has filled it with.

Class Three's Got Talent!!

After the success of Class Three’s Got Talent in the Autumn Term we were eager to do it again. It was another great success and Miss Ablett was so proud of us all, especially those who performed! Well done Class Three. You are all stars and have amazing talents that we love to see and share.

Flamborough Visit


Class Three had an amazing day at Flamborough on Tuesday, despite the wet weather! We climbed the lighthouse (all 119 steps!) and were fascinated finding out how it worked. Everyone was really brave travelling up and down the stairs as they were quite steep. Some of the class managed to dodge the rain and do some sketching, they also spotted some seals which was very exciting. We then moved on and went to a different part of Flamborough, where the beach was more accessible. We had our lunch looking out over the sea. It was really beautiful, even with a cloudy sky. Next we went down onto the beach and explored the rock pools and looked for treasures that we could take home with us.

Miss Ablett was very impressed with everyone’s behaviour on the trip. Everyone listened carefully and asked some super questions. It was such a great day!

Miss Ablett would also like to take this opportunity to thank Class Three for their fantastic behaviour on the three wonderful visits that they have been on this school year.

Half Term lighthouse project 


Over half term Class Three were set the task of making their own Lighthouse Model. They  have done a fantastic job and they all look amazing! The are all so different and you can see that a lot of hard work went into each and every one. Well done Class Three, you have worked so hard. Also, thank you to the family members that also helped to build these fantastic creations!

Rock art

With the rocks we collected from Flamborough and ones that we brought in from home we have created some beautiful rock art. We have worked with Mrs. Forrest to paint our rocks. It has taken real skill. It is actually really tricky to paint on a rock! Miss Ablett thinks our rocks are beautiful and everyone who walks by comments on how fantastic they look. 

Picture 1

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

We are currently reading the second Harry Potter book in Class Three, after we enjoyed the first one so much! We are taking it in turns to read pages and everyone loves to volunteer to read. This is fantastic and shows the confident reader we have in Class Three. We are hoping to finish the book before the end of term so that we can watch the film! 


Picture 1
Picture 2

Simple Circuits

In Science we have been investigating how to light a lighthouse using a simple circuit. We absolutely loved this. We looked at the different symbols within the circuit and spoke about what we could change if our circuit was not working. Everyone got their circuit to work and lit a light bulb, a bit too small for a lighthouse but still exciting!

Bike Track

We were really lucky to have the Bike Track to come into school. There was a big bike track and an obstacle course for us to have a go on. Some of us were a bit worried to have a go but after we had seen everyone else we could not resist. It took a lot of concentration to get round the track and everyone tried really hard.  

Lighthouses everywhere! 

In Class Three we are getting a bit obsessed with Lighthouses. We are even making them with bricks in our choosing time. Callum is holding up the sun! 

Picture 1

Sports day 

Class Three had a wonderful sports day! They were all super sports people and encouraged everyone to do their best. They cheered in every race and put their sporty skills to good use. We had been practicing in our P.E lessons and it definitely paid off. Miss Ablett had a fantastic first sports day at Hook school and cannot wait for the next one. We were all really glad that the rain held off and we got to enjoy the day, especially the ice pops at the end! 

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