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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!



Mrs C M Ainley

Head of School/SENCO/Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Our Teaching Staff

Picture 1 Mrs B Heslop - Assistant Head/Reception Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs S Bainton - Class 1 Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs E Bucknall - Class 1 Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs S Moss - Class 2 Teacher
Picture 5 Miss E Ablett - Class 3 Teacher
Picture 6 Mr B Tutty - Class 4 Teacher
Picture 7 Miss R Knowles - Class 5 Teacher
Picture 8 Miss L Barker - Class 6 Teacher
Picture 9 Miss C Yewman - Class 6 Teacher/Safeguarding Lead

Nursery Nurses

Picture 1 Mrs J Brooks
Picture 2 Mrs J Hayles

Teaching Assistants

Picture 1 Mrs M Chadwick
Picture 2 Mrs F Watling
Picture 3 Mrs N Glew - HLTA
Picture 4 Mrs W Lewis
Picture 5 Mrs J Eyre
Picture 6 Mrs M Watson
Picture 7 Mrs S Coulson
Picture 8 Mrs L Cooper
Picture 9 Mrs J Stent
Picture 10 Mrs A Woodcock
Picture 11 Mrs G Leetham
Picture 12 Mrs S Redshaw
Picture 13 Mrs K Nolan
Picture 14 Mrs N Foster
Picture 15 Mrs B Day
Picture 16 Mrs T Siddle
Picture 17 Mrs S Jubb
Picture 18 Mrs K Pollard

Administration Staff

Picture 1 Mrs A Dennison - Finance Officer
Picture 2 Mrs M Hewitt
Picture 3 Miss C Garner

Premises Staff

Picture 1 Mrs J Raywood - Caretaker
Picture 2 Mr D Male - Maintenance/Health & Safety Officer
Picture 3 Mr G Stoker - Gardener

Cleaning Staff


Mrs J Raywood

Mrs N Broadley

Ms D Jones


Kitchen Staff


Cook - Mrs C O'Rourke


Picture 1 Mrs J Raywood
Picture 2 Mrs V Cooper
Picture 3 Mrs J Szczegielniak

Lunchtime Supervisors



Picture 1 Mrs A Woodcock
Picture 2 Mrs J Brooks
Picture 3 Mrs J Stent
Picture 4 Mrs K Pollard
Picture 5 Mrs K Nolan
Picture 6 Mrs M Watson
Picture 7 Mrs S Redshaw
Picture 8 Mrs L Cooper
Picture 9 Mrs B Day
Picture 10 Miss D Hayselden
Picture 11 Mrs N Broadley
Hook Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Garth Lane, Hook, Goole, United Kingdom, DN14 5NW