Class 3’s In-School Visit from Sam’s Safari

Dear Parents,
Class 3’s Visit from Sam’s Safari
Thursday 30th March 2023

As part of our topic, “A Carnival of Animals”, Mrs Bainton has arranged for the incredibly exotic Sam’s safari to come into school. This opportunity will take place on Thursday 30th March, and will be an exciting event to finish our very busy topic. Throughout this term, we will be studying and learning about a variety of animals. Sam’s Safari has very kindly stated that they will bring 12 fabulous animals in for the children to interact with, in order to enhance their learning this term. The children will get a first-hand experience with a range of animals and have the opportunity to ask questions, and enrich their knowledge gained this term, by asking even more questions of the experts.

As the experience will take place in school, normal school times and lunch will apply.

As it is an exciting, in school experience, the children are invited to come into school in their own clothing. This workshop is for half the day, so Mrs Bainton will be providing extra learning opportunities for the children. Some may be creative and messy, so please do not wear your nicest party clothes!

Payment & Consent
No child will be excluded from the in-school visit on the basis on non-payment, but a voluntary contribution of £10.50 per child is needed for the visit to take place. Payment and consent should be made online through ParentPay by 29th March, Consent is essential to your child being able to attend this visit. If you have not yet activated your ParentPay account and would like help doing so, please ask our Admin team in the school office.

If you have any queries about the above, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Bainton
Class 3 Teacher