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We have created two unique accounts for each student. One account is for MICROSOFT OFFICE (including Teams for Virtual Meetings) and one account is for SEESAW (school work activities).

If you cannot log in, the School Office can re-set the accounts to new temporary passwords. Please contact us if you require us to do this.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office will allow each student access to a whole array of apps from Microsoft Office, using their own unique log in (which should look something like [email protected]). The most useful apps include Teams (for seeing their teacher and classmates via an online meeting or lesson), Word (for typing up documents) and Outlook (which is for emails).

Seesaw (Tapestry for Class R)

Seesaw/Tapestry is where teachers will post work and associated documents for home learning lessons and projects. Children can post to their learning journal, respond to activities, view class announcements. They cannot see the work of any other child in their class.

For Seesaw, the sign in details will have been sent home on an A4 letter with full instructions on how to activate their account. These codes are like passwords, so please keep them safe! Seesaw can be used on a desktop computer by going to https://app.seesaw.me or by installing the Seesaw Class App on an iOS or Android device.


If you would like help using the accounts, please call us on 01405 762576 or email [email protected]