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At Hook C E Primary School, we are proud of the rich and interesting curriculum we provide for all children. Through a carefully planned topic each term, a broad and balanced range of learning opportunities are offered to the children enabling them to achieve the best possible progress and standards.

The children are encouraged to work from first-hand experience which develops the interest and motivation giving them a sense of purpose in their work. As the children develop, opportunities are provided for them to take more responsibility for their own work and in doing so become more independent in thought and action. The child’s confidence and self-concept is raised through success and praise for effort and achievement, developing a positive attitude to school and education.

Each individual subject of the National Curriculum is taught through the programmes of study (www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-curriculum-in-england-primary-curriculum). The National Curriculum forms a part of the whole school curriculum which includes personal development, social, health and economic education. Teachers are skilled at meeting the needs of specific cohorts and individuals by organising the curriculum into 3 interesting and exciting topics, where the skills of numeracy & mathematics, language & literacy are taught, used and practised across all other subjects. Children are confident in transferring skills from one subject to another. The daily routines in the school such as the Act of Worship, lunchtime, playtimes, extracurricular activities and school ‘responsibilities’ form the wider part of the whole school curriculum. We believe every minute of the school day should be used to encourage our children to become caring, understanding and knowledgeable citizens equipped to live life in the 21st century.

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