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All staff fully understand the importance of working with the guidance. All adults in the school are committed to offering the best possible care and guidance for the pupils.

The Staff through example demonstrate care, consideration and value to each other and to all children.  They expect simple rules to be followed in order that children learn to be responsible for keeping themselves and others safe and lead healthy lifestyles.

School Security

We have taken every reasonable precaution in making the school a safe environment for the children.  Visitors are requested to sign in and wear a badge.  Thumb locks are in place on all outside doors.  The main entrance has an intercom attached and access is gained by identifying yourself to the school receptionist.  The school is fully alarmed.  The CCTV system adds additional security during out of school hours and has reduced vandalism costs significantly.  Regular safety checks are carried out by the governors, Health & Safety Officer and Headteacher.

Our Safeguarding Policy (Edukos Trust)

Safeguarding and Child Protection v6

Safeguarding Local School Protocol (LSP)

LSP - Safeguarding and Child Protection v6 (HPS)