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Visitors always compliment the children on how attractive they look in the school’s red sweatshirt!  These may be obtained from a local shop “The Uniform Shop” in Pasture Road, Goole, or any supermarket high street chain store. also provide an on-line uniform service, complete with Hook School logo.


The uniform consists of:-


  • Grey/black trousers or school shorts (not football/sports shorts)
  • White shirt (polo shirts are suitable)
  • Red pullover or school sweatshirt (logo optional)
  • Red reversible fleece for outdoor wear only (optional)


  • Grey/black skirt or pinafore dress or Grey/black trousers (not leggings)
  • White shirt (polo shirts are suitable)
  • Red and white school dress in summer (optional)
  • Red cardigan, pullover or school sweatshirt (logo optional)
  • Red reversible fleece for outdoor wear only (optional)


During the warmer summer months, it is understandable that children will be wanting to wear summer clothing for school to keep comfortable and cool. However, we do have a few requirements in terms of uniform, and would ask:-

  • Girls do not wear cycling shorts as part of their uniform, unless under a skirt or summer dress.
  • Boys do not wear football/sports shorts.


All children should wear suitable black shoes for school and playing out in (indoor pumps are no longer needed). We would also appreciate a pair of wellies to leave in school for exploring and playtime, and suitable sport footwear for their PE kit. Please name your child’s shoes and wellies as they can look very alike! 


  • shorts  (no buttons, pockets or strings for safety purposes) corresponding with your child’s colour group or in black – cycling shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh length.
  • plain T-shirt corresponding with your child’s colour group;
  • Trainers for outdoor PE are also very useful.

A named cloth drawstring bag to keep P.E. clothes in on a coat peg is extremely useful, and one is provided to all new starters.  Backpack type bags are not encouraged, as they are rather bulky, and space is very limited in our cloakroom areas.

As all school clothes look similar or are the same, it is vital that each garment is named in some way (shoes included).  This assists staff greatly in tracing misplaced items of clothing.


Children are encouraged not to bring items of value including jewellery to school.  Where a child has pierced ears, small studs may be worn.  All earrings must be removed or covered with sticking plaster for P.E. lessons for safety reasons.  We cannot accept responsibility for such items brought to school.  Such items are not covered under the school insurance.