Class 2’s Visit to Eureka!

Dear Parents


Class 2’s Visit to EUREKA, Halifax

Thursday 15th June 2023


As part of our topic we have planned a visit to the wonderful national children’s museum, Eureka! The children will take a whistle stop tour of the solar system exploring how astronauts get into space, why we get day and night and learning some facts about the planets. It will be a fun way of introducing the topic for KS1 before going on to study Earth & Space in KS2.



Registration will take place at 8:30am to enable departure by coach at 8:45am prompt. We will leave Eureka at 1:45pm, to arrive back at school for normal time pick up (traffic permitting).



Please could all children wear their usual school uniform, together with sensible shoes. Please bear in mind the weather, and if it is particularly warm apply sun cream to your child before we leave. Children can also take sunhats with them.


Water Bottle


It is essential that all children bring along their water bottle (no glass bottles, please).



Children will require a packed lunch. As children in KS1 are eligible for the Universal Free School Meals, we would like to offer your child a school packed lunch for the purpose of this visit. Alternatively, if you wish, you can provide your child with a packed lunch from home (no glass bottles please).  In order for our Cook to prepare the correct number of packed lunches on the day we would like to ask you to pre-order the packed lunch (details of how to do this can be found below).


The school packed lunch would consist of:-


Cheese sandwich, homemade tray bake and a piece of fresh fruit (your child would need to bring their own water bottle).


Lunch Order, Payment & Consent

No child will be excluded from the visit on the basis on non-payment, but a voluntary contribution of £24.00 per child is needed for the visit to take place. Payment, requests for school lunches and consent is to be made online through ParentPay Tuesday 13th June via If you have not yet activated your ParentPay account and would like help doing so, please ask our Admin team in the school office.




If you have any queries about the above, please do not hesitate to let us know.


Yours sincerely,


Miss Machado

Class 2 Teacher